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Dolce Vita Events hosts your webinars professionally, helping you get leads and potential customers. Dolce Vita handles your event throughout its phases, from pre-event engagements to live session moderation and post event-surveys. There is no need to pay for software subscriptions nor spend time learning how to operate tools: we will take care of all the technical details too, including the back-end control. Your event will run smoothly and will transmit the feeling of a professionally handled virtual event.

Price for one webinar session - SGD $1,200

This package is for a maximum of 100 registered attendees. If you need to accommodate for more attendees, a separate arrangement needs to be defined. This package is comprehensive of:

1. Creation of a landing page complete with:
  • Speaker Profile (Client to provide to us)
  • Speaker Photo (Client to provide to us)
  • Description of Webinar (Client to provide to us)
  • Your Logo (Client to provide to us)
  • Banner for your Event (Client to provide to us)
  • Registration link for your attendees

2. Leads - customizable (job title, email, mobile, etc)

3. Email reminders to attendees before the webinar (Upon registration, 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour before the event)

4. Technical support during the webinar including but not limited to:

  • Muting attendees as required to ensure absence of background noise
  • Ensuring absence of dead air (prolonged silence) during the session
  • Ensuring that the right speaker is on the screen at the right time
  • Timely unmuting of speakers
  • Centralised screen sharing for video and slide presentations
  • Handling of live technical issues
  • Interacting with the participants during the webinar for increased engagement
  • Consolidating questions raised through the various platforms and ensure that they are addressed or acknowledged by the speakers

5. Global reach - Linkage to Facebook Live/ Youtube Live for increased reach

6. Post survey to allow for subsequent market research

7. Covering webinar programme of the duration of 1 hour

8. Full recording of the event

9. FREE 2 x 1-hour rehearsal with the speakers before the programme to ensure that you have a seamless and professionally-made event.


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