Growing Microgreens at Home

30 January 2021 3960
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Growing microgreens may be the simplest and easiest project to do at home even with 0 experience!

About this Event

We will provide each participant with a FREE Microgreens Grow Kit with different types of seeds and FREE microgreen-tasting of 10+ varieties! We provide a FREE plant support group where you and your cohort can share your gardening journey, ask questions and provide best practices after the class!

In this workshop, we will teach you:

* What's the difference between sprouts & microgreens
* The types of microgreens
* A special technique of sowing seeds
* When to water your microgreens
* How much water they need
* How often to water
* How to you know when microgreens have germinated
* How to you know when to expose them to light
* How to take care of microgreens
* When to harvest
* Q&A

growing microgreens

After this workshop, you will:

* Be comfortable in growing your food
* Gain knowledge in growing different types of plants
* Enjoy gardening like never before
* Have survival skills that you can use wherever you will go
* Learn about different types of technologies that you can use in gardening moving forward

Darren Ho

Darren Ho (Founder, Petalicious)

Having worked in various vegetable farms from Australia to Southeast Asia in the past 9 years, Darren is exposed to both the traditional and the high technology ways of farming.

With his experience, he has started up and managed multiple edible gardens and farms of all scale. Armed with a background in Natural Resources, he has been consulting for a number of agribusinesses with the scope ranging from crop growing to business management.

Today, he has started Petalicious, a local farming company that aims to educate the consumers about the benefits of eating colours and freshness.

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growing microgreen

“Such a wonderful feeling to see these little sprouts! Seeing my healthy blooming garden is so satisfying! You start by planting the seeds & watering it every day, feed it nutrients & fertilizer, bringing it into sunlight & darkness depending on what’s needed, prune & cut to have more growth, and watch your garden grow with pride. It’s very therapeutic!”

Jacqueline Low
Managing Director at JBL Corporate Services, Singapore

“Never thought one day I will seriously start my own urban gardening journey inspired by the sharing from these wonderful people in our Plant Support Group. I never cared for any plant at any point in my life! I had a successful first attempt to propagate and I think I will never run out of herbs from now on!”

Mary Anne Favie
Deputy Director and Chief Underwriter at AXA Insurance

“I planted my seeds last week only and I’m shocked they’ve grown so fast! I am expanding my urban gardening thanks for all the tips from the class and the support group!”

Sheryl Boquiren
Co-founder at Poderosas Fine Food SG

“My plants doing well! My micro-greens mini garden is expanding! I must say micro-greens are my fave coz it’s packed with flavour and they’re very pretty too! It’s very good for salad and shakes!”

Mench Ballan
Manager at Herbalife International

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Date And Time
Sat, January 30, 2021
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM Singapore Standard Time

46 Kim Yam Road
Singapore, 239351
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Event Ended

Sat, January 30, 2021 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM Singapore Standard Time | S$ 75.00