Brew Your Own Kombucha at Home

24 April 2021 3143
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We will provide you with methodologies, tools and techniques to brew kombucha at home!

About this Event

This is a physical workshop. The original Course price was $300.00 ($105.00 Discount). Limited to 6 participants in one class.

The workshop comes with:

1. 8oz/250ml Kombucha Works SG Probiotic Sparkling Fermented Tea
2. Kombucha Works SG DIY Brewing Kit
3. Kombucha Works SG 5L Glass Brew Jar
4. Kombucha guide for the first brew and consecutive brews
5. Kimchi-tasting (Kimchi made from Kombucha)
6. Kombucha cohort Group to ensure success in brewing Kombucha (We have a 100% success rate in all our cohorts)

kombucha machine

Kombucha is an artisanal drink. It is fermented and made with tea, sugar and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) through a fermentation process. It is popular in America, Australia and Europe and is gaining popularity in Singapore for its health benefits such as improving gut health, immunity and joint health.

In this workshop, we will teach you:

* The history of Kombucha
* The chemical and biological composition of Kombucha
* About yeast, bacteria, pH, sugar, vitamins, probiotics, health benefits of Kombucha
* How to control your culture, taste, colour, fermentation speed, carbonation, shelf life and food safety
* The step by step process of Kombucha creation and the tools and ingredients you need and more!

kombucha result

After this workshop, you will:

* Learn how to compose, test and validate your flavours
* Gain an understanding of the ideal sweetness, acidity, taste, colours, extraction methods & ingredients of Kombucha
* Become competent in the proper storage, shelf-life, ideal temperature and bottling of home-brewed Kombucha
* Know how to build effective processes to detect, fix, and prevent problems when creating your Kombucha at home
* Find out the tools you need to be successful in brewing Kombucha

Katherine Sng

About the Speaker: Katherine Sng (Founder, Kombucha Works Singapore )

Katherine started brewing Kombucha as a hobby after learning about its health benefits. That hobby quickly transformed into a business after she saw a demand in the market. Katherine hosted a range of 1-to-1 sessions about Kombucha making for a wide range of audience for her company Kombucha Mama.

Her Kombucha products are widely distributed on various e-commerce platforms and she is bringing her high-quality Kombucha-brewing workshop by Kombucha Works to the public!

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Relax and enjoy

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Client Reviews on past Dolce Vita Events:

“My Kombucha is next to me at work! I am so happy my SCOBY is growing! I have now created my second batch! I love the taste of home-brewed Kombucha but I like the savings even more! There is a lot of bubbles in my batch and it's fermenting really well!”


“I have bottled mine. Waiting a few more days to build the fizz! I will try the flavoured ones tomorrow! I just tasted my second batch - loads of bubbles and delicious! I bottled and left for another 3 days. Ginger & Lemon and Strawberry & Mint!”


“Thank you for our group where we can ask and share questions about Kombucha! I now have the second batch of brewing with sweet tea and sugar! ”


“The workshop was insightful and interesting!”


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Date And Time
Sat, April 24, 2021
3:30 PM – 5:30 PM Singapore Standard Time

46 Kim Yam Road
Singapore, 239351
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Sat, April 24, 2021 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM Singapore Standard Time | S$ 195.00